1. I ♥ blueberry donuts #food #blueberry #donuts (Taken with Instagram)

  2. first time having #incakola ♥ (Taken with Instagram)

  3. #xiaolongbao at jj noodle house. (Taken with Instagram)

  4. Chili cheese fries @ The Hat in Brea, CA.

  5. Fried potatoes @ open sesame in Long Beach, CA.

  6. Mango green tea with aloe @ Cha for Tea in Long Beach, CA. Pictured at Sunset Beach, CA.

  7. Clam chowder @ California fish grill in Brea, CA

  8. Green tea lemonade @ Starbucks in Disney’s California Adventure.

  9. It’s wouldn’t be summer without a barbecue~

  10. Mushroom cream pasta @ Sorrento in Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea. There’s something about Korean cream pasta that I love….